Peanut roaster's operation

a. Checking the peanut roaster's electrical source and transmission part, confirming they all is ok, then running machine by positive way without any loading for 3-5 minutes. Opening switch of heated if all is ok, in heated period, forbidding stopping rotational cage in avoid mangling cage by high temperature.

b. Usually, the peanut roster can install 1-4 rotational cages. Please make the time of putting raw material different. Each roasting cage contains peanut in shell in about 75 kilogram or peanut kernel in 100 kilogram or so.

c. When exchanging the peanut kernel or peanut in shell, please roast 1-2 batches firstly to get the related parameter because of different moisture. Then you can produce in batches.

d. During roasting, please get some sample from the rotational cages. (The reference time for different raw material is 15 minutes for blanched peanut kernel, 30 minutes for red-skin peanut kernel, 40 minutes for peanut in shell). If the product has met the demand, please press the negative button and open the hopper. After the products come out from peanut roaster, please press the positive button again and put the raw material into hopper continually.

e. After the peanut roaster stop work, please close the temperature switch first. The rotational cage can be stopped after making the temperature below 50 degree without stopping rotational cage, in order that the rotational cage distortion of stopping in high temperature.

f. Please check whether the electricity system on the rotational cage is ok before starting, the rotary bolt loose or not, thermocouple is ok or not.

g. The reducer and the bearing in the rotational cage should be checked often whether there is lubricate oil and gear oil inside.

h. The bottom of rotational cage should be checked after it gets through the drawer, and clean the impurity in order to avoid polluting the roasted products.

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