Colloid Mills

This series of colloid mill is a new type of wet ultra-micron particle processing machine. All parts in contact with the medium are made of stainless steel. It is suitable for all milky liquids in various processes like grinding, homogenizing, emulsifying, dispersing, mixin, extracting etc. Catering to the needs of several industries, such ascolloid mill


  • Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Food, Dairy, Sweetmeats and confectionery Industry.
  • Paint Industry.
  • Textile Industry.
  • Cosmetic and Detergent Industry
  • Rubber Industry
  • Sausage Production and meat packing Industry
  • Starch Industry.
  • Paper Industry.


Working principle of the colloidal mill

Under the effect of centrifugal force and being run by relatively high speed between the rotating gear and the fixed gear, the liquid and the semi-liquid matecolloid millrials is efficiently emulsified, homogenized, dispersed and mixed during the course of being cut, milled and shocked with high frequency. After that you can get the satisfied and processed material. The colloidal mill is widely applied in sorts of products of many fields by its advantage such as foodstuffs industry, medicine industry, chemical industry and every day chemical industry etc; The products including soybean milk, fruit jam, peanut butter, artificial corn milk, cream, perfumery compound, pigment, greasing oil, dyestuff, pant, fish live oil, pollen honey, tooth-paste and so on.

When processing high consistency material, such as peanut and sesame etc, you should fix the helix drive ram that is produced by our company to the top side of the rotor.






3 Phase 220/380V 50-60HZ

Power 4KW 7.5KW
Granule precision 2-50μm 2-50μm
Output 0.05-0.5T/hour 0.5-2T/hour
Weight 190kg 320kg
Machine size 300*300* 650mm 550*550* 1300mm
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