Peanut Peeler (Wet Method)

This peanut peeling machine adopts the wet method to peeler the red skin from peanut kernels and is the best preprocess peeling machine in the whole line to make fried peanut kernels, peanut milk or peanut powder.



Peanut Peeler Machine  

Peanut Peeler

Power: 0.75Kw
Dimension: 1160*1200*1100 (mm)





Working Principle of Peanut Peeler

The beginning of this line is from roasted peanut kernel with red skin, through the elevator conveyor, peanuts enter into the feeder, and distributed averagely by 3 tubes. Then the peanuts automatically fall down then blanching room which is composed of two sand rollers, Under the function of roll's friction and rotating, the red skin is taken away, then light red skin is sucked by air fan, collected by first cyclone system, finally blanched white peanut kernel fall down to the selecting conveyor.

Peanut Wet Peeler Working Principle






PDF of Peanut Machine Manual of Peanut Wet Peeling Machine




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