Hulled Sesame Seed Plant

The hulled sesame seed has extensive use in the food industry, which can be used to produce hulled sesame paste, upscale cakes, Biscuit hamburger (Mcdonalds & KFC), aviation food, upscale candy, moon cake, roast, and important condiments in Japan & Korea food to improve the color and aroma of dishes.

Flowchart of Hulled Sesame Seed


hulled sesame seed flowchart

complate plant for hulled sesame seed


The ratio of peeling: 99%
Impurity in the dehulled sesame: <0.2%
The ratio of sesame kernel: 72%


Parts of Workshop

Sesame hulling line, is the latest continuous improvement of sesame hulling line. It saves the use of human resources, and more to increase productivity. Some major improvements in following for reference:

sesame hulling line


sesame hulling line


sesame hulling machine


seed decorticator


Main Equipment


PFQ-120 integrated sesame peeler:

sesame peeler

Board dimensions:
1, 200 x 1, 430 x 2, 360mm
Ratio of peeling:99%
Impurity in the de-hulled sesame: <0.2%
The ratio of sesame kernel:72%





sesame peelerDL-80 sesame peeler:

Board dimensions:
800 (diameter) x 1, 400mm
Ratio of peeling:99%
Impurity in the de-hulled sesame:<0.2%
Ratio of sesame kernel:72%




high-efficient fluidized dryer

FG-70 High-efficient Fluidized Dryer

Capacity:150-200kg/1hour (setting hulled sesame as example)
Board Dimension:



A) DL-80 sesame seed can only realize the function of peeling
B) Considering the changing of market need, we have stopped to make the smaller
Sesame seed peelers with capacity of 100-300kg/hour.Please show your understanding.


colloid grinders


#80 colloid grinders:

Emulsification fineness:2u
Change range:1-0.01mm


Note:We only quote one kind of colloid grinder to you with the medium capacity.
If you have the true interest to this machine, please inform us your required capacity.
We will introduce the suitable ones for you.






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