Cashew Nuts Sheller

Cashew Nuts Shelling Machine

The cashew (Anacardium occidentale; syn. Anacardium curatellifolium A.St.-Hil.) is acashew nuts tree in the flowering plant family Anacardiaceae. The plant is native to northeastern Brazil. Its English name derives from the Portuguese name for the fruit of the cashew tree, caju, which in turn derives from the indigenous Tupi name, acajú. It is now widely grown in tropical climates for its cashew nuts and cashew apples.

This cashew nuts shelling machine has manual and motorized options. Artificial feeding, grading cashew nuts in accordance with its width to 3 - 5 class and then goes to the peeling process. Production, open-shell ratio, the whole shelling percentage is related to the degree of skilled workers operating the machine.


Cashew nuts shelling machine (cashew sheller) is a special full-automatic type shelling machine for cashew nuts.


cashew nuts sheller

Technical information: Automatic Cashew Nuts sheller

Processing Capacity: 20-25kgs/h
Motor Power : 0.75 kw
Voltage: 220/380v
Frequency: 50hz
Shelling Ratio: 95%
Ratio of unbroken kernel: 90%
Measurement: 800*700*1600mm
Net Weight: 200kg


cashew nuts shelling machine

cashew nut sheller

shelled cashew nuts

Total Automatic Type

Manual Type

Shelled Cashew Nuts


Manual Type Cashew Nuts Shelling Machine

Capacity: 1500-2000pcs/h
It depend on the operatong knack degree
Mini order quantity is 10 units


Anyang General International Co.,Ltd (AGICO) with several years of development, offers a wide range of cashew nuts shelling machines. The excellent performance of these machines has delivered phenomenal profits to our valuable users. The high yields in processing of cashews, low cost of maintenance and power consumption vouch for the credibility of our machines. Our specialized engineering team with R&D wing ensures upgradation and address to the needs of the industry. The hands on training to our users equip them to optimised usage of our machinery.

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