Peanut Cleaning Machine

  • Peanut Destoner

    Peanut Destoner

    Anyang General International Co.,Ltd is a main manufacturer and supplier of peanut cleaning machine in China. This peanut destoner is used to process the peanut inshell for cleaning.
  • Peanut Cleaner

    Peanut Cleaner

    Cleaner for shelled peanut is one of the necessary parts to get clean and whole peanut kernels. We are a peanut cleaner machine supplier in China, and we can provide nearly all peanut machines with you.
  • Peanut Shelling Machine

    Peanut Shelling Machine

    AGICO is a main manufacturer and exporter of peanut shelling machine, peanut dehuller, seed decorticator, peanut cleaning machine in China.
  • Peanut Dehulling Machine

    Peanut Dehulling Machine

    Model 6BH series peanut sheller is a professional peanut cleaning machine for the peanut dehulling. Simple structure, convenient operation, low power consumption, noise and so on.
  • Washing Machine

    Washing Machine

    This multi-function peanut washing machine is widely used to clean peanuts, fruits and vegetables and so on.The best washing is in the range of selling.
  • Cashew Nuts Sheller

    Cashew Nuts Sheller

    AGICO is a main manufacturer for cashew sheller,cashew nuts shelling machine from China, A nuts shelling machine is provided for the continuous and automated shelling of cashew nuts.
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