Sugar Coating Machine

GFC Series Sugar Coating Machine

This peanut coating machine (peanut coater) is specially used for making coated peanuts with white sugar, the finished peanut has smooth surface, even coated. This coating equipment features stable operation, low noise and no pollution, the inside side of coater is made by S.S304.

This peanut coating machine (peanut coater) is especially used for making sugar coated peanuts Korea bean, Japan bean, Coffee peanut kernel and other foods.  It includes lifter device automatically and adopts heating by electricity.


The peanut coating machine has advantages of simple techniques, high efficiency, stable rotation, low noise, no pollution and adjustable angle etc. 


Working Principle


The principle of the coating machine is to make the material roll Omni directional depending on the rotation of declining disc. The declining angle can be adjusted through the transmission of screw bar. Combine the heating device, to make the syrup cover the material evenly.


Peanut_Coating_Machine Peanut_Coater



Output:60-70kg/h (dia.1.4m)
Power: 1.5kw
Frequency: 50HZ



Output:30-45kg/h (dia.1m)
Power: 0.75kw
Frequency: 50HZ


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