Potato Chip Processing Line

Potato Chip Processing Line

This line can use potato as the raw material.

1. The line adopts potato as main materials, to produce potato chip or strip shapes, which are popular in the market.
2. This line is characterized by unique technique, rational configuration, high automation and stable performance.
3. Outer packing: Wooden case
Capacity: 500kg/h,raw material


potato chip processing line

potatp chip processing line


1. Potato cleaning and peeling machine
Dimension: 1800*700*650mm
Power: 4.1KW/220V,three phases
Weight: 660kg


2. Conveyer and selecting equipment
Dimension: 4000*800*800mm
Power: 1.1KW/220V three phases


3. Chipping machine
Dimension: 900*700*1500mm
Power: 2.2KW/220V three phases
Weight: 210kg


4.Cleaning Equipment
Dimension: 2800*1000*1300mm
Power: 3.3KW/220V three phases
Weight: 300kg


5. Fulling and Burning Equipment
Dimension: 3000*700*1200mm
Power: 1.1KW/220V three phases
Heating: 36KW/220V three phases
Weight: 400kg


6.Dehydrating Equipment
Dimension: 2000*700*1200mm
Power: 0.75KW*4+1.5KW=4.5KW,220V three phases
Weight: 380kg


7.Frying Equipment
Dimension: 4000*900*1600mm
Power: 1.1KW+120KW, 220V three phases
Weight: 900kg


8. Degreaser
Domension: 2500*700*1200mm
Power: 2.25KW/220V three phases
Weight: 380kg

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