Peanut Roaster

The peanut roasting machine adopt to infrared fire-device, it made in alveolate ceramic plank, in this way, fuel can close to air and fire fully fro saving cost and reducing contamination. The 70% of heat energy what the fuel burning will translate into infrared by radiation way. The infrared (2-4μm) can be sorbed well by the molecule or macromolecule from materials, also have strong penetrability, in order to the material can be roasted equably.


The fire-device has simple operation, and equips safety device and annunciator for sudden flameout and ignition baulk. The machine has many strongpoint: safety, save energy, sanitary, convenience, adding fastly temperature, stabilization running, low running cost, durable material, simple operation etc. the roasted products can obtain food and export standard.


peanut roasting equipmentQHL Energy-Saving Infrared Gas Oven

Technology Parameter




Drum Peanut Roasterpeanut roaster

Technical Parameter
Power: 1.1kw
Gas consumption: 8M3
Working temperature: 220°C
Weight: 950kg
Size: 2850×960×1450mm(L×W×H)



Cooling Machine (200KG/HR)Coll Machine For Peanut Roasting Machine

Technical data
Capacity: 200kg/h
Power: 1.5kw
Weight: 120kg
Size: 1800×800×750mm(L×W×H)



Features Specifications

1. High efficiency: customer will get the roasted peanuts continously;
2. Energy saving: the heat produced by burner will be recycled inner side of roaster, it has a good system to prevent the heat loss, even parts of heat on cooling section will be recycled utilized;
3. the speed of roaster, the temperature of roaster, the gap of peanuts can be controlled through the related device;
4. Low consumption, low noise.


peanut roasterManual of Peanut Roaster

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