Wet Peeler|Peeling Machine

TPS-250 Wet Peeling/Peeler Machine

peanut wet peeling machine


TPS-250 wet peeling/peeler machine has nice design and compact structure. It adopts the principles of manual peeling imitation and special peeling elements. It has characteristics of high peeling ratio, high integrative ratio, no pollution, low energy waste and simultaneous peeling and separating, etc. It is necessary for deep processing of peanut, almond, broad bean and soybean, etc.


And this peeler/peeling machine/equipment (can be used with the fried peanut production line, and also can be used singly) is a specified wet peeling equipment for peanut/almond/broad/soybean. It is widely used for previous processing of fried peanut, spiced peanut, canned peanut etc. Its main advantage is it has a set of skimming device which can separate the impurities and the peeled peanuts automatically and discharge them from the machine, so it can avoid polluting the oil.


Power: 0.75KW
Output: 200KG/h
Size: 1180×900×1200

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