Screening Machine for Peanut Kernel

This machine has a compact structure with reliable operation, using whole sieving which is convenient for operating and saving time and power, meanwhile the peanuts can be classified into 4 to 5 categories. The customer's classification standard can be met after only one sieving.



Peanut Screening Machine



Capacity: 2500kg/1Hour
Power: 1.5Kw
Dimension: 3400 * 1060 * 2300(mm)





This sieving machine is an assembly line used for removing the stones from peanuts which is composed of charging spout, first hoisting machine, removing stone machine, blower fan, second hoisting machine, receving device. It features compact structure for convenient installation, low noise, power saving and definite classification, and the productions meet the imported peanut inspecting standard.


Sieving Machine


Peanuts Sieving Machinerypeanut cleaner

Specifications:sX800 Output:2.5t/h
Specifications:sX100 Output:4t/h
Specifications:sX120 Output:8t/h

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