Peanut Wet Decorticating Machine

This wet peanut peeler is the advanced equipment used for the decorticating of peanut. It adopts principle of manual imitation and special peeling elements. It has the characteristics of high peeling efficiency, high integrative ration, and no pollution, etc. It is essential equipment for deep processing of peanut, almond, broad, soybean, etc.


This machine consists of a peeling unit, supports and a skin sucking device. The peanuts are being peeled by means of roll twisting while being continuously stirred up. It has such advantages as stable production, durable perfect peeling effect, low noise and no pollution. After being put into charging spout, the peanut automatically enters into decorticating room to produce peanut without red skin. It can be used in groups. It is an ideal piece of equipment for peeling peanuts.


wet peeling machine

Technical information:

Power: 0.55-0.75kw
Output: 150-240kg/h

Ratio of unbroken peanuts:>90%;
Ratio of halves:<10%
Pelling ratio:90%-98%

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