Peanut Processing Machinery in India

Contrary to America of market of peanut butter, India is the largest market of peanut processing machinery. As we all know, Indian cuisine uses roasted, crushed peanuts to give a crunchy body to salads and they are added whole (without pods) to leafy vegetable stews for the same reason. So if they want to get the whole peanut kernels, the first step is to clean and shell the peanuts.

Peanut destoner, peanut cleaner and peanut shller belong to the peanut processing machinery. With them, it is easy and convenient to clean, whole and perfect peanut kernels. India is not a developed country and possesses the second largest peanut next to China. So exporting peanut kernels to other countries is a main source of profits. In the following I will display the peanut processing machinery in our company to you.


India clieht for peanut machinery

peanut destoner

Peanut Cleaner

peanut sheller


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