Enquiries from Whole World about Peanut Processing Machines

In the following, there are some typical enquiries from the whole world to consult various peanut machines and soybean extruder. Contact us for the details you want to know.

Peanut Processing Machine for Sale

Dear sir/madam, I am the owner of an organic products manufacturing company in Greece.


I am looking for a peanut butter maker machine in order to produce not only peanut butter but also butters from other nuts (almond, sunflower, etc).


Productivity of gms130 model is ok for me. Please send me any technical data available and a pricelist with your products. Finally if possible send me what else machinery is essential for a small production line in order to get a product ready to get packaged. Thank you------------------------------------- From Greece


Dear Sirs, we are interested in knowing about your peanut milling equipment. We are looking at a capacity of 300-500kg per hour of peanut paste/butter. Please send us more info including pics, and prices for such equipment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ From Jordan


Hello! I am interested in buying TXP160 Soybean Extruder, Capacity 250-350kg/h. If you can provide any manual or documentation about the machine, it would be great. Answer me, please, as soon as possible.Thank you! --------------------------------------------------------------------------From the US

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