Continuity Roasting Equipment

This roasting machine is an ideal peanut roasting process machine for shelled peanut and blanched peanut kernels. It is adopted to roll and heat transmit and radiation by galvanothermy pipe, and has auto-control temperature set; in roasting course, the materials are roasted by hot air and are pushed and circulated in continuum. Finally, the products exit the machine. In this way, the product will be heated equally, in order to ensure products have a good quality.


500Kg/Hr Belt Conveyor type Peanut Roaster(Natural gas type)


continuity roasting machine



Assembly Workshop


Assembly Workshop of Peanut Roaster


Continuity Roasting Machine for Blanched Peanut Kernel

Model GNC-5 peanut roaster
Capacity: 500kg/hr
Power: 146KW
Frequency converter: 30.8HZ

Roaster consumption:

Electric: 13kw/h /Gas: 15-24KG/T

With conveyer and hopper
All stainless steel material.


1.It is adopt belt/heat exchange/heat radiation principle, in order to products have purity taste by principle pipe;
2.It is applicable for peanut kernel, horsebean, coffee bean, melon seeds, nutlet, nut etc. Dry and roasted;
3.Advantage: saved energy sources, safety, sanitation, conveniency, handy operation.

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